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Starday Tavern

By now you'll have heard we cancelled March 17th at the Starday Tavern.

It's a venue with new ownership, and had some internal communications mishaps and double booked for that night. Very sorry for anyone who was inconvenienced by this change.


We'll keep you posted on future developments, if any.

Retail sales!

We're pleased to announce that the album is for sale locally at Portland's best record store, Music Millennium.

When you stop in for your copy you can support your local economy and your local band in one fell swoop!

The album's out!

We're happy to announce that we've released our new record "Cigars, Billiards, Lunches."

It's for sale on CD Baby (, Amazon, iTunes, and various others too numerous to name. It will also be available on various streaming services, though it's hard to say when.

We'll be adding a player to this website as soon as we can get it together (updates you know, updates..)


Check it out and let us know what you think!

The new record!

The Sportin' Lifers are pleased to announce that their new album Cigars, Billiards, Lunches is available for sale on compact disc. The self-produced CD was recorded locally and contains 13 original songs plus one cover.

We'll be celebrating its release with our buddies the Jumptown Aces at Jumpfest at Secret Society on September 26th, 2015. The show starts at 9pm.


Tell your friends and check your razor at the door!

New music coming soon!

We're excited to let you know we've got a 14-song album in the can baby!

Coming soon!

Playin' a new joint in Lake O!

The band is excited to head to Lake O and play a new venue on the west side of Portland.

After a year of extensive renovations and additions, the remodeled Lake Theater & Cafe opened in April. Boasting a full kitchen and bar serving beer, wine, and liquor, this 1940 theater shows movies and has live music. The Sportin' Lifers will throw down with various versions of the girltet, a 4-piece usually, starting in September. This is a great opportunity to see the band play at a low volume, in an intimate setting. Check the calendar for dates and deets.

Erin's having a big ol' party y'all!

Incredibly, Erin's turning forty (they grow up so fast). This really IS news.

Come join us for this fabulous party AND benefit. APRIL 25th. This will be a great shindig. Members of The Sentiments, Erin's super fun ska band will join us throughout the night. See the calendar page for details and other upcoming shows.

Winter Blues Fest

The 6-piece will play this year's Winter Blues Festival at the Bob White Theater on Foster Blvd. Whit played it last year with A.C. Porter and had a ball. It's in a nice, old, recently renovated theater. Check the festival's site for dates and start time!

New venue!

The band is excited to play the west side's newest venue, The Lehrer. This is a place with a big dance floor, good food and friendly staff. And a pro sound system! Check the calendar page for upcoming dates.

Sip and Gather

We had a great time with the fourtet at the Ecotrust building's sip and gather event in October. We had a great response to the band and met a lot of great folks.

S. Waterfront Farmers Market

Keep your eyes open for the Trio playing at Elizabeth Caruthers Park (3508 SW Moody Ave, Portland, OR 97239) in the new South Waterfront development area. We'll be playing there once a month through the market's run from May through October. 2-5PM.

IPNC Salmon Bake 7/27

The Band is very excited to be asked back for a second year to this wonderful event. The Salmon Bake is a fundraiser for Salud, a health care nonprofit serving the Oregon wine industry's labor force. Because many of these laborers do not work year-round, standard insurance options are not available. Language and cultural barriers place even more obstacles between these people and the services they need.

Heading to Mississippi

What's the fuel that keeps the sportin' life going? Pizza of course. Mississippi Pizza to be exact. The Sportin' Lifers will bring the swing to Mississippi Pizza on June 28th. It's a fun venue with a full bar, creative scratch made pizzas, and a dance floor! Come on in!

The Fourtet at Pittock Mansion

The Fourtet (Erin with the Trio) will play an event in support of Pittock Mansion Friday May 10, 2013. It's a great pairing, sweet, jazzy vintage Rhythm in this legendary and historic Portland setting.

For details contact Pittock Mansion

Live on KMHD!

We had a fabulous time playing and chatting with DJ Dave Johnson on The Blues Palace on last weekend--thanks Dave!

Cramming 6 people, not to mention Don's 1940 5-string Kay upright into KMHD's broadcast studio was wild. Fred played drums out in the hall! We have no real idea how we sounded. Did anyone get a recording of that? Let us know.

We're enormously grateful to Dave Johnson for giving us his time and support like that. KMHD is one of Portland's finest proponents of good music and it's an honor to be featured in its programming.

Thanks again Dave!

Feb 23, 2013, jumpin' at the Blue Diamond!

We're excited to be back at the Blue Diamond. Check out the poster on the photos page.

The Sportin' Lifers duke it out at Duff's

Dig it sweet peoples!

The Sportin’ Lifers will split an evening with the Suburban Slim Band featuring Jim Wallace at Duff’s Garage on Friday, January 25th. Each band will play two alternating short sets, so you can be sure and hear both bands whether you arrive early or late. I don’t know how Slim usually does it but we’re going to request you kindly check your razors at the door.

Award nomination!

Holy Cats!


The Cascade Blues Association voters recently nominated the Sportin' Lifers for a 2012 Muddy Award for Best New Act! We're flattered and deeply honored to be in the running. The voting ends October 10th, and the awards will be given on November 1st at the Melody Ballroom.

The Sportin' Lifers return to Duff's on 8/24!

Friday, August 24th! Be sure and tell your friends!

We're always excited to play at one of Portland's foremost venues for great American music. Showtime should be around 9PM. Call 234-BEER to confirm the time.

We always have a great time here and we can hardly wait for showtime!


Don't forget your dancing shoes and to check your razor at the door.

MORE Tuesdays at the Blue Diamond

After a brief layoff the Sportin' Lifers will return to the Blue Diamond for Tuesday nights in August. Come by early to see Erin before she goes home, or come later for the jam!

August 14th

August 21st

August 28th

9PM showtime, with free admission!

Tuesdays at the Blue Diamond - July 17, 2012

The Sportin' Lifers has extended its stay at the Blue Diamond through August. It's a good sounding room with good food, great drinks, and a very nice staff.

Tuesday night is turning into a fun regular thing--if you can't make this one come to the next!

Sportin' Lifers Trio Rocks the Eagle - June 26, 2012

On July 6th, the Trio will play Happy Hour at the White Eagle Saloon, one of Portland's oldest continuously operated taverns. Showtime is from 5:30 to 7:30 SHARP.

Admission is free!! (That's FREE.)

In the old days the Eagle was notorious for having a brothel upstairs in which unsuspecting young men were Shanghaied, waking hours or days later to find themselves miles out at sea. The rooms are still there but we're pretty sure no ill will befall you if you rent one for the night after overindulging in the house made spirits. Nevertheless, due to the unsavory history you will be asked to check your razor at the door.

May show at the Blue Diamond! - March 20, 2012

The Sportin’ Lifers have booked a show at a somewhat newer venue, the Blue Diamond on Northeast Sandy Boulevard, just east of 20th. The current owner is a long time Blues and Jazz aficionado and for the last year or so has presented acts such as Norman Sylvester, Tom Grant, Terry Robb and others.

We’re excited to play this new venue. It’s a nice place with a good sound system and the folks working there are very nice. Come join us Friday, May 25th at 9PM.

Given that admission is FREE, the establishment will politely require you to check your razor at the door, however, throwing cash money at the band is permitted.

Ford Food and Drink - December 15, 2011

Tired of shopping? Visiting in-laws got you down? Holiday music driving you to a murderous rage?

The Sportin’ Lifers Trio has your antidote!

We’ll play December 23rd from 8-10 at Ford Food and Drink at SE 11th Avenue & SE Division Street, Portland, OR 97202. FREE ADMISSION for this performance! Check out the groovy poster on the calendar page.

We promise not to play any “holiday music” unless someone requests the great Charles Brown’s Merry Christmas Baby accompanied by a shower of currency.

Ford has good food and fancy brews, and is staffed by lovely people who kindly request you check your razor at the door.

Sportin' Lifers Trio at the Rudder - October 3, 2011

The Sportin’ Lifers Trio will play at the Muddy Rudder this Friday, October 7th, at 8:30, featuring special guest “Papa Do-Right”Johnnie Ward.

Our redoubtable bassist is off trying to get hip again, and so Johnnie is helping us out on harmonica, saxcello, and other instruments, not the least of which is singing.

Piano and accordion ace Thousand Dollar Steve Cleveland and Czechoslovakian guitar wizard Yerz Trouli will take you through an evening of blues, swing, reefer tunes, jazz, boogie woogie, and other musical delights.


Please come join us and as always, please check your razor at the door.

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